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  • Batters Up Base Ball Math - Addition Edition Batters Up Base Ball Math - Addition Edition 26515 plays Batter's Up Baseball is a math game that is played like real Baseball. When the math game starts you will see the visitors score on the screen. Your goal is to beat the visitors score and win the baseball game.
  • Brittany Birt: Pets Care Brittany Birt: Pets Care 23397 plays New funny addicting virtual pet game with some dress up and caring elements. Brittany Birt goes to pet salon for a work and she needs your help to take care about the pets to earn money. Place the pets to the seats and satisfy their wishes. You will need to wash, clean, dry and comb cats and dogs. Then you will need to feed, comb, cure, and cuddle pets. And the last your will be to dress up the pets as they want.
  • Batters Up Base Ball Math - Multiplication Edition Batters Up Base Ball Math - Multiplication Edition 20495 plays Batter's Up Baseball is a math game that is played like real Baseball. When the math game starts you will see the visitors score on the screen. Your goal is to beat the visitors score and win the baseball game.
  • Smiley Deco Farm Field Smiley Deco Farm Field 20118 plays If you like to play farm management or decoration games this is a new one.You can build and design your own farm. You can choose from a lot of animals, herbs, boulders, houses, fountains, terrain and other interesting stuff that you will find by playing this new farm decoration game. If you like animals and nature you will find this game very interesting and you will surely come back for more.
  • Sisi At The Cat Show Sisi At The Cat Show 17753 plays Dress-up Sisi for a fun cat show and help her win the big trophy by customizing her cute looks.
  • Fluffy's Kitchen Adventure Fluffy's Kitchen Adventure 17163 plays Curiosity may not kill the cat, but it will set Fluffy on a fun adventure!

    Get Fluffy to the door at the other side of the kitchen to win: click the die to move, and complete mini-games along the way!

    Tip: If you get stuck on a mini-game, you can close it by clicking the X in the top-right corner.
  • Farm Stand Math Farm Stand Math 17154 plays Come on over to the farm stand to practice your multiplication and addition. Multiply the amount of apples or eggs by their price then add the, together for your total
  • Farmland Farmland 16826 plays Hate farming? Play this game! Plow the soil, plant crops, raise chickens and cows, and collect those fat farmer profits!
  • BFG - Travel on Beach BFG - Travel on Beach 16519 plays She is very happy because she's going ta take a really interesting vacation on a tropical island and in the mountains. Oh, I'm so jealous with her. She is so lucky. Now, join her adventure, you can decide where she goes, mountain or beach, then dress her up. Have fun.
  • Alpha Attack Alpha Attack 16515 plays Alpha Attack is a free fun typing game that improves your typing skill and exercises your brain. Protect houses, apartments, and other buildings from alphabet bombs by pressing letter keys as the bombs fall from the sky.
  • Ever Rising Water Ever Rising Water 15670 plays Take control of your Ship. Unload falling shapes with addictive Match-3 gameplay in an open seas Physics game. Too many shapes will sink your boat! While too many shapes falling in water will raise water level! So Keep it balanced and keep scoring.Game also features many Achievements, Power ups and a Challenge mode.
  • Swing Cat Swing Cat 15374 plays This is a two player game. Your goal is to knock down your opponent cat by swinging and bumping the bricks in the middle a couple of times to let it fall on your opponent's face.
  • Sisi Wants Toto's Cake Sisi Wants Toto's Cake 15349 plays Yummy, finger-licking cakes are all Toto's specialties. But Sisi, the cheeky cat, wants to taste them and enjoy their flavor as well. He needs to do good copies of Toto's cakes so he cam make his own delicious thee-layers cakes. So let's join Toto and Sisi in the kitchen, take a peak at Toto's cake and replicate it on Sisi's plate. Toto doesn't mind, since he is very happy someone appreciates his cooking talents and cake masterpieces. Decorate the cake using fruits, wiped-cream, candies, candles and even firecrackers, following Toto's recipe in each level. Sisi wants Toto's cake, so he is going to get it, right? The results are of course super yummy, so enjoy!
  • Alley Cat Alley Cat 15033 plays Eat all fishes and dodge the electric eels.
  • Eight letters in search of a word Eight letters in search of a word 15019 plays See how well you are with your words!
  • Pooh's Brain Games Pooh's Brain Games 14602 plays Exercise your brain with Winnie the Pooh's Brain Games!
  • Cat Bowling Cat Bowling 14441 plays Squash as many cats as possible. You've only got 10 frames-no more-so make 'em count! For an extra laugh, forward to competitors and watch their productivity drop dead.
  • Virtual Knee Surgery Virtual Knee Surgery 14320 plays Play as a surgeon in this special virtual surgery operation. Analyze the steps that needs to be done and be careful.
  • Police Bike Police Bike 14207 plays Run over pimps, prostitutes, and even cats!
  • Honey Flowers Honey Flowers 14104 plays Sweet honey comes from sweet flowers. The four DoliDoli friends invite you to use your skills into becoming the greatest bee-keeper and produce some sweet honey. Plant, seed and water the flowers from which the bees will come take the pollen away to make the delicious honey. Enlarge with each level your production land and acquire more bees. Make a profit, earn more cash and see how your honey will be more and more appreciated and requested by Toto, Sisi, Lisa and Mina. Enjoy the beautiful colors of the flowers planted and prove your skills are exactly what it takes to master this lovely Honey Flowers game. Good luck and have fun!
  • Double Digits Double Digits 13932 plays Improve your math skills by adding or subtracting the given numbers.
  • Pet Hairstyle Design Pet Hairstyle Design 13885 plays Pet hairstyle design is a fun pet game for girls. You are running this pet hair salon. Customers take their pets to your salon. Please design cute hairstyles for these pets and take pictures for them! Enjoy!
  • SUSHI CAT 2 SUSHI CAT 2 13393 plays Sushi Cat`s wife has been kidnapped by his new nemesis - Bacon Dog. Eat Sushi, grow a belly and save your wife!
  • Brain Safari Brain Safari 13273 plays A funny and easy brain trainer in which you play several mini games.. At the end of the game you get your personal results. Use the mouse cursor, depending on the type of game you play.
  • Pig Detective Pig Detective 13236 plays Click around each new scene. Click on characters for hints on what to click to progress.
  • Battle Math Battle Math 13198 plays Defend your house from monster attack with your brain
  • Arithmetic Challenge Arithmetic Challenge 13071 plays Finish all 10 races in the quickest time possible. Position is very important, good positions are rewarded well. 1st position will be given an upgrade, 2nd position will allow you to proceed to the next level without upgrades. If you finish 3rd you will have to restart the race, this time will be added to your overall time. Avoid this at all cost, this is the biggest time penalty.Upgrades include speed, acceleration and steering. You will need to try different combinations to suite your style to win the game.
  • Doli Volley Championship Doli Volley Championship 12997 plays Join the open-air sports fun and accept the challenge in the Doli Volley Championship. Play some super volleyball sets with Sisi or Toto and taste the real fun!

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